Podcast App FAQ


First Aid

  • Uninstall Prestissimo:

On Android 6.0+ (Marshmallow and newer), you can use Android's native mediaplayer for variable playback speed.

On older devices, enable Sonic media player

  • Prefer MP3 feeds over other formats, especially MP4/AAC:

We use Android's built-in audio decoders. A lot of devices are shipped with rather buggy MP4 decoders that lead to various playback issues and even native crashes (think Bluescreen).

In our opinion, your best option is to subscribe to MP3 feeds whenever possible.

You made a spelling error

Translations are provided by the community. If you found a typo or would like to suggest a better translation, you can do that on Transifex.

Getting started

How do I subscribe to a podcast?

  • Select podcast from Editor Choice or Category, or

  • Open the subscription tab Go to Add Podcast. Now, you can add a podcast by URL. You can also import RSS and Atom feeds as well as URL schemes like pcast:// and itpc:// with App


Episodes are playing way too fast!

Some Android 4.1 and 4.2 devices have problems identifying mono sound correctly. At this moment, disabling the Sonic mediaplayer is the only solution.

Playback stops/crashes constantly

Are you playing a MP4 file? If so, we could be dealign with a buggy MP4 decoder. Try subscribing to the MP3 feed instead.

You should also try to enable or disable the Sonic mediaplayer.

External storage

My SD card does not show up in the "Choose Data Folder" dialog

For your SD card to show up, Android must recognize the card as external storage. Either the card is not mounted correctly or the manufacturer or your smartphone configured the hardware incorrectly.

If you are running Android 6+ (Marshmallow or newer), you can try formatting the SD card as internal storage. Else, there is nothing we can do to fix this.

It isn't working...

If you are running Android 6+, make sure App has sufficient permissions to the storage (Android settings → Apps).